High School Girls Golf Coach Recap

2012 Providence High School Girls Golf Team

The 2012 Providence High School Girls Golf season flew by. Our first golf match was on July 31. Next thing I knew it was Sectionals on September 15th. Even though the season was only a short 7 weeks long, I learned more than I could imagine in those few weeks. Some of these things were …[see more]

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New Facebook updates. Very exciting! Watch the F8 Video.

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Covered Bridge Golf Club Facebook Experiment

One challenge businesses face using social media is how to keep consumers actively engaged in their business through social media.  Covered Bridge Golf Club is relatively new to using Facebook and Twitter.  We typically post about the different events and special going on at the golf course.  However, we want to get more out of …[see more]

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I received an invitation to Google+ about three weeks ago and I think it is great!  When I first signed in, I had no idea what I was doing.  However, it is very intuitive and after watching a few intro videos, I picked up on it pretty quickly.  I think Google+ has a lot of …[see more]

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Starting A New Chapter

A little over a month I switched jobs.  I left Makespace to work at Fuzzy Zoeller Productions.  It was a very difficult decision since I love Makespace and strongly believe in what they do.  However, I love golf and have ALWAYS wanted to work around it.   When the opportunity at Fuzzy Zoeller Productions was presented to …[see more]

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LinkedIn Etiquette

Here is a good article about LinkedIn and tips on how to better present yourself to other professionals. 14 Ways You’ve Been A Social Media Savage On LinkedIn

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Information Architecture

Before I started working at Makespace, I never thought about a website’s information architecture.  However, if I went to a website as a user and saw that the website was cluttered or couldn’t figure out where I was supposed to be looking, I would instantly leave the website.  Looking back, I knew more about information …[see more]

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Social Media Explained

This social media article made me laugh.  It uses a funny metaphor to explain a few different types of social media. Social Media Explained

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SEO Rapper

Check out this Youtube video about SEO.  It is a neat twist on presenting SEO information.  The video is very informative and makes SEO easy to understand. Also, look at how many views this video has received.  It is crazy fascinating how a video like this can go viral. Enjoy : )

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Do You Digg?

I have been using Facebook for about five years and Twitter for a little over a year.  I feel like I know Facebook and Twitter pretty much inside and out.  How could I not?  I have used one or both of them almost everyday for the past five years.  I have been so wrapped up …[see more]

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