High School Girls Golf Coach Recap

2012 Providence High School Girls Golf Team

2012 Providence High School Girls Golf Team

The 2012 Providence High School Girls Golf season flew by. Our first golf match was on July 31. Next thing I knew it was Sectionals on September 15th. Even though the season was only a short 7 weeks long, I learned more than I could imagine in those few weeks. Some of these things were light-hearted and humorous and others were more business oriented in order to have a successful golf team. While I can’t make a list of EVERYTHING I learned, I am going to name a few:

  • Each individual golfer is a unique person and learns differently. It is important to know their individual golf style and what skill level they are at in their golf game. Without knowing that, it is very difficult to know how to help them grow as a golfer.
  • It is important to have clear team rules and expectations at the beginning of the season. As a new coach I thought “Rules? What kind of rules do I need?” I quickly realized yes, I definitely need to rules, specifically about missing practice, missing matches, player expectation at practice, etc.
  • Make sure the players have drinks and snacks with them at all matches and practices. With golf season being mainly in August, it is HOT outside. It’s important to have drinks for the played to stay hydrated and a small snack helps them keep their concentration during long matches.
  • It’s important to have a good team of people behind you.
  • Communication is the MOST IMPORTANT aspect in golf, being on a team, coaching, and in life.
  • Be organized. Between matches, practice, working with the players, working with their parents, talking with coaches of other teams, etc, it’s very easy to forget to do something. I learned keeping myself organized is extremely important.
  • HAVE FUN! As a coach, there are a lot of background items to take care of it. At times, I felt like I forgot what I personally enjoyed about playing golf in high school. It was having fun with my friends while playing a sport I loved. To have a successful team, it is important that the players are enjoying the sport while working hard at it. It is important to be creative and make golf fun and a team oriented sport, such as playing scrambles as a team, have golf team t-shirts, etc. As always, the small things in like are most important. :)

Overall, my first year year of coaching was an incredible experience. The team improved 59 strokes from their first golf match to their last, which is OUTSTANDING! We played 5th in the Sectional Tournament. Also, I learned a lot about myself and what makes a good coach.

I hope to carry these things into the 2013 season and set and achieve bigger goals next years.

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