2012 Providence High School Girls Golf Coach

I recently accepted the position as the 2012 Providence High School Girls Golf team head coach. ┬áThis is the same team I played for when I was in high school. I am very excited to give back to a program that has greatly shaped me into the person I am today and played a huge role in my career in the golf industry. I am also so excited to have two of my dearest friends as assistant coaches, Erica Ramsey and Kari Johnson. We played golf together in high school and it’s neat to be together now as a coaching team. I’m looking forward to making the most out of this opportunity. Here are my personal goals for the season:

  • Help each player improve their golf skills
  • Encourage each player’s confidence, hardwork, commitment, and personal integrity
  • Master my communication and organizational skills
  • Become a better leader
  • Learn to be more patient
  • Make golf a positive experience for the players, coaching team, parents, and the other people I encounter on the golf courses
  • Have fun (Cliche? Yes, but it’s important to me to have fun in everything I do)
Here’s to a successful and fun golf season as a coach! :)
2005 High School Golf Sectional Winners

In memory of the 2005 Providence High School Girls Golf Sectional Champions


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