2012 Disney Princess Half Marathon- Part 1: Half Marathon Training

Part 1: Half Marathon Training

Last October, I decided to sign up for the 2012 Disney Princess Half Marathon with my sister, Megan. Megan has always been an avid runner and ran many half and full marathons before. Me on the other hand, not so much. This was going to be my first half marathon. I was super excited when I signed up for it and knowing I was going to run it with my sister made it that much better.

Me & Megan during the race.

After the initial excitement wore off and training started, I realized how big of a commitment training for a half marathon is. I’m the type of person who tends to jump into things without completely thinking through what it takes me get there. I quickly realized 13.1 miles isn’t something you go out and just run one day. You have to train for it and it’s hardwork. Even though this was a BIG eye opener for me, I am not a quitter and was determined to run this race.

Training was hard, especially during the winter months in Indiana. Running outside in the cold was not always fun. I wore MANY layers, forced a smile on my face, and started running.  On days, I couldn’t bare the thought of running in the cold, I went to the gym and ran on the treadmill. While training had its challenges, it was exciting to see my hardwork pay off and my mileage increase.

Training for the race really made me start to consider my diet, too. A huge bonus that came from training was I started to eat healthier. Don’t get me wrong, I still eat cheeseburgers way more than I should, but my body started to crave fruits, vegetables, and other healthier foods. I realized I couldn’t eat Taco Bell and expect to run a few miles and feel good while doing it.

Luckily, I have some pretty awesome family and friends who were there to help me, push me, believe in me, and remind me of why I signed up for this race in the first place. They didn’t give up on me, so I definitely wasn’t going to give up on myself. My friend Sam, who was there with me during those cold, winter runs, sent me this quote after one of our runs:

“Running is just you, the work you put in, and the clock. You can’t cheat yourself. If you don’t put in the miles, you can’t go to the starting line thinking you’re going to pull a miracle out of nowhere. You get out exactly as much as you put in.”
– Desiree Davila

This quote is SO true. Running is all on you. No one else can do it for you, but you. You get out of it what you put it in. Training and running the race, taught me a lot about myself and my own determination.

To be continued…

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