Covered Bridge Golf Club Facebook Experiment

One challenge businesses face using social media is how to keep consumers actively engaged in their business through social media.  Covered Bridge Golf Club is relatively new to using Facebook and Twitter.  We typically post about the different events and special going on at the golf course.  However, we want to get more out of our social media efforts.  Ideally, we would like to fill empty tee times, get more people to eat at our restaurant, and build awareness of our business.   What better way than running a Facebook Deal?

This weekend, Labor Day weekend, we are going to test out the Facebook Deal feature.  We are going to run a Labor Day Weekend Special: $39 after 3pm for 18 Holes.  For a customer to redeem this deal, they must like our Facebook page and “check-in” to Covered Bridge Golf Club and show the coupon at check-out.

We have a few goals we are trying to accomplish through this Facebook Deal:

    • Fill tee times we might not typically fill.
    • Gain more Facebook followers through people playing with friends that are already Facebook friends with us and are “checking-in” to play and they want the discount, too.
    • Spreading awareness of Covered Bridge Golf Club by once someone checks in, it will blast out to their Facebook friends where they are.  Hopefully some of their friends will then “like” us on Facebook, too.

      In turn, our customers are getting a discounted round of golf.  I am excited to try this feature.

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