I received an invitation to Google+ about three weeks ago and I think it is great!  When I first signed in, I had no idea what I was doing.  However, it is very intuitive and after watching a few intro videos, I picked up on it pretty quickly.  I think Google+ has a lot of potential and I’m really excited to see what they are going to do for business profiles.

Last week I watched a webinar on Google+ by Jason Falls.  He did a great job at explaining the features and benefits of Google+.  The following are ideas he discussed to help get the most out of your Google+ account.

  • Since Google is a search engine, use keywords in your self description to optimize your profile for search (example: use keywords to describe your occupation and what skills you provide)
  • Display several images on your profile and update them frequently.  This allows Google to become more familiar with you.
  • Link generously- when making posts, link to websites, blogs, and other people (such as if you did an activity with someone, tag the person in your status like Facebook and Twitter).  Google likes links.
  • Even though Google+ is working on adding business profile accounts, the best thing a business can do now, is have an individual create a personal Google+ account.  This way they become familiar with Google+ and Google has already said when they release the business profile accounts, it will have to be associated with a personal account.

I am very excited about the business profile accounts.  It will help with marketing to specific groups of people using the circles.  For instance Covered Bridge Golf Club could use many different circles to categorizes people, such as members, non-members, men, women, staff, and repeat customers.  This will allow us to target our messages to people and not clog others’ news feeds with information that does not pertain to them.  I think both businesses and people are going to benefit from Google+.

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